Define Success Coaching & Facilitation LLC


A Long-term Investment

Purposeful organizations view coaching as a formal process to optimize the strengths of select leaders that contribute directly to the success of the organization. In most cases, those selected by the organization to engage in coaching partnerships are deemed to be at the pinnacle of their career. Therefore, coaching to purposeful organizations is an investment in talent development and business growth.

What is coaching?

Coaching uniquely exemplifies individual leadership behaviors, skills, systems and processes. The process provides leaders an opportunity to self-reflect, examine mindsets, and transform discovery into concrete actions to attain measurable results.

What are the impacts of coaching? 

Coaching conversations are client driven and can cover a broad range of focus areas including but not limited to: enhancing team engagement, building

social capital/networking, work/life balance, conducting pivotal feedback conversations, leading transformations, new manager assimilations, and/or becoming authentic to self.